1. All exhibits to section A & B must have been grown by exhibitor
    in their own garden or allotment.
  2. No exhibitor to have more than one entry in any one class.
  3. The entry form must be filled in & sent to either Mrs J. Powell,Copner or Jean Partridge, 1 Heath End with entrance money,
    20p per exhibit, by 8pm Saturday 10th August 2023.
    Any entry accepted by the Secretary after this date will be
    charged 50p per entry. No entries will be accepted after
    Wednesday 16th August.
  4. Exhibits may be brought to the show from 8am on the day of the
    show and must be staged by 10.45am when the hall will be
    cleared for judging. Exhibits may also be staged on Friday 16th
    August from 7.30pm to 9.00pm.
  5. The committee will not be responsible for any loss or damage
    to any exhibit during the show but all ordinary care will be
    taken of them.
  6. All points in dispute must be submitted to the committee before 4pm
    on the day of the show.
  7. Exhibits must not be removed until after 4pm.
  8. No article to be entered that has previously been shown.
  9. All exhibits to be strictly to size where stated.
  10. Cups will be presented after 3pm
  11. Prize money to be collected AFTER 3.30pm and BEFORE 5,00pm
    at the village hall. Prize money not collected will be put into show
  12. All exhibitors must provide own vases.

If in any doubt on how to show your exhibits, please
do not hesitate to phone a Committee Member

The Committee would appreciate any gifts of exhibits
for the Auction to be held after the Show. Proceeds for Show Funds.
All exhibits not for sale should be marked NFS on exhibit card